Car Rental FAQ

We've compiled an extensive list of the common Car Rental FAQ's to help you along...

Any we missed? Let us know below in an email and we'll be happy to answer them for you

All our rates on standard range of vehicles automatically include unlimited kilometres for all inbound international arrivals that are in possession of a return air ticket.

Ultra Luxury vehicles are limited to 200 kilometres per day with a rate per kilometre once that is exceeded.

Your quotation will specify exactly what is included in the price.

Yes you can! Vehicles may be collected in one city and dropped off in another - just to suit you and your plans!

Your quotation will include the rate that will be charged for this awesome feature.

The minimum age for driving is 18 years provided the driver has been in possession of a valid unendorsed licence for more than 1 year.

For Luxury vehicles the minimum age is 25 with a valid unendorsed drivers licence.

All car rentals may only be paid by way of credit card unfortunately. This is due to the high incidence of fraud internationally we cannot accept cash, EFT Payments or debit cards.

Your quotation will specify both the total rental payable as well as the total refundable deposits that will be payable.  This is to ensure that you will have sufficient available funds on your credit card.

As soon as the car has been checked and fuelled then the invoice will be finalised and any balance of your deposit will then be refunded automatically, provided no charges have been incurred.

For an overseas credit card experience has shown that the refund generally reflects on your statement within seven days.

There are strict requirements that the driver must be the holder of the credit card used to pay the rental.

There is nothing to prevent somebody else paying for your vehicle, provided they take out the contract in their name and are present to take delivery.

They can then add you as an additional driver at the standard fee.

For standard vehicles provided the vehicle is cancelled by e-mail at least 24 hours before arrival then there is no cancellation fee payable.

For luxury vehicles a cancellation fee will be charged if cancelled less than 7 days before arrival for single vehicle hire or for 3 or more vehicles if cancelled less than 18 days before arrival.

That is not necessary. You may use the drivers licence from your country of origin and if it is in a language other than English, then it must include an English translation.

The law requires that you must be in possession of your driver’s licence whenever you are driving and must be able to produce it on demand to a member of the Traffic Police or the SA Police Services. It is recommended that you also carry identification with you as well as the rental contract.

You contact the Star office who will advise if that vehicle is permitted to enter the requested country and if so what the applicable fee would be.

Arrangement will then be made for you to collect the necessary cross border documentation that is absolutely necessary.

Absolutely! It is recommended that you spend that extra 10 minutes to check the car fully including the spare tyre and tools and the interior. Insist that every mark or flaw is marked on the checking out form and ideally take a dated mobile phone picture of any flaws for your own security.

When you return the car reverse the procedure and again take pictures and check everything to ensure you are not blamed for something you were not responsible for.

Make sure the operation of the car is carefully explained particularly the alarm, locking etc.

If you experience any mechanical problems then immediately contact our office or the help line on your contract. If you are not happy with any aspect affecting safety then contact us immediately.

A rental day is determined from the time of collection to the same time the following day. If the car is returned later than generally 30 minutes after the collection time, you will be charged an additional day. Tip is to note the time you signed for the vehicle and ensure it is marked on your contract.

Providing it is ordered with your vehicle that is no problem and we will advise you of the tariff applicable.

You most certainly can and we will forward them to you together with your confirmation e-mail. These will be the same contracts you will sign when taking delivery.

The answer is an unequivocal No. Only the persons listed as drivers on the contract may drive the rental vehicle. Should an unlisted driver be involved in an accident then you would be held responsible for the total loss.  It is definitely not worth the risk.

You may add an additional driver by calling at the nearest branch of the rental company together with the vehicle and the driver who must have his licence and passport with him/her.

Where the quotation details a specific make of car with the added words “or similar” this indicates that you may well get a different make or model and not specifically that vehicle.

The reason for this is simply that all car rental companies have large fleets made up of vehicles from a number of manufacturers and it is impossible to book a specific make of vehicle at a specific time due to the nature of the business.

Where possible we will request that vehicle if requested to, but cannot guarantee you will get it.  What you will get is a vehicle similar in specification and size to the one specified.

Where a vehicle is ordered that does not include the words “or similar” this will indicate that you will be supplied that specific vehicle for it is the only make and model in that range.

Should you receive a traffic fine, very often a camera violation such as speeding, the fine is directed to the rental company who will then charge you an administrative fee to submit affidavits and copies of the contract to the Traffic authorities.

If you have returned overseas then that will be the last you hear of it. 

Important to note that these often arrive long after your departure and will create a debit on your credit card.

Contact our office and we will arrange to get you all the relevant details.

In the event of an accident, obtain the names and details of the other party involved and supply them with your details as well as the name of the rental company.

Do not make any admissions whatsoever to the other party, even if in your opinion it is clearly your fault.

Report the accident if involving another party to the nearest South African Police Service and obtain a case reference number from them which will be required by the rental company.

Report the accident immediately to both the rental company as well as to the Star Office advising them of your location, contact details and details of the damages to enable a replacement vehicle to be sent if required.

Where possible take as many photographs of the accident as possible.

If in doubt phone the Star office for advice.

Report immediately to the nearest South African Police Services and obtain a case number.

Contact the rental company immediately and advise them as soon as possible with the Police reference number.

Advise the rental company of your location and contact details so a replacement vehicle can be arranged.

It is important when making a price comparison that you carefully check what is included and more importantly what is excluded. Price is often a decisive factor and for that reason you need to evaluate each quote in order to compare the following possibilities.

  • New vehicles or vehicles that are several years old?
  • Limited or unlimited kilometres offered?
  • Does the price include airport surcharges [often 11%] if collecting from an airport?
  • If travelling long distances, does the company have country wide backup?
  • Most importantly. What does the insurance cover and what would be your personal liability in the event of an accident/theft?
  • Does the price include windscreen and tyre and rim cover, the most frequently damaged items?
  • What amount would you be liable for in the event of accident or theft? This is known as the excess.

This is often required by many of the direct booking sites and Star strongly advises against paying upfront for a service you have not yet received.

Star deals with only the most reputable brands and upfront payment is not an option.

Credit card details are in many cases required to confirm a booking, however authorisations are only effected 24 hours prior to delivery and not before.

During peak season particularly the festive season in coastal areas, certain of the suppliers insist on upfront payments in order to confirm a booking. This payment is done by means of a secure link which is sent to you.  If you are not happy with this we will quote a different supplier who does not have that as a requirement.

Your rental contract will have an emergency contact number and we recommend you keep the contract with you whilst driving. Phone that number telling them your location, your contact number as well as what is wrong with the vehicle. Note the name of the person you speak to.

Star advises you to contact our office as well so we can follow it up from our side.

Arrangements will be made for a replacement vehicle to be despatched to you immediately.

Contact the rental company immediately with your contact details and location of the vehicle and a replacement vehicle will be arranged. This will result in your being charged a fee.

You will be charged only for the days you have rented and not for the cancelled days.

Special terms apply for the Luxury Vehicle hire.

You contact the Star office as soon as possible and let us know your new return date and time and we will confirm whether it can be done.

The vehicle you order will be collected from the car rental area at the airport from one of the leading suppliers in South Africa. This will be shown on the rental confirmation form.

The car can also be delivered or collected at your Hotel or place of residence on request when booking the vehicle. The delivery and collection charges will be shown on the quotation.

Providing it is ordered with your vehicle that is no problem and we will advise you of the tariff applicable.

TLW means Theft Loss Waiver;

CDW means Collision Damage Waiver

In simple English this means that by accepting those waivers your liability will be limited to the amount of the excess, which is the amount payable by you in the event of either an accident or theft of the vehicle. This is commonly known as the EXCESS portion. With many of our rental groups, the excess is Nil.

Most rental companies will not conclude a contract if you decline to accept the waivers.