How To Create The Perfect Road Trip Playlist

A road trip without music is hard to imagine. Long strips of road – especially the flat roads we have here in some areas of South Africa – can quickly become dull and cause the driver to become tired or bored. Music is the ideal solution to maintain energy and alertness.

When traveling in South Africa, having the right music in the background can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone involved, especially if everyone has had a chance to choose a song or two.

Below we give some top tips on how to create the perfect road trip playlist.

How Will The Music Be Played?

This is a vital consideration, especially if you will be renting a car in South Africa. Does the car have a CD player, a Bluetooth connection, an AUX (auxiliary) cord connection, or are you able to use a USB stick to play your music?

Once you know how the music will be played, you can work on gathering the necessary tools for your playlist. Remember that, if you will be connecting via Bluetooth using a device, the device will need to be charged for the duration of the trip, unless other people in the car can use their devices with the same playlist.

Give Some Ground Rules

Setting rules for who can choose songs is important, and many people agree that the driver should be the one to choose the songs. However, the driver should always take the preferences and requests of passengers into consideration to avoid a disagreeable road trip. 

A good way to set ground rules is to draw up a list of songs, artists, and genres that should be avoided at all costs. This means that everyone can enjoy a fun and relaxing South African road trip. Allowing everyone to choose one to two of their favorite songs is also a great compromise for a diverse playlist.

Match Your Music To Your Surroundings

South Africa is a culturally colourful country, and we have some amazing local singers, songwriters, and bands. So, why not create a playlist to match your surroundings, and fill it with some local flavour?

When driving in Cape Town, for example, add musicians such as Freshly Ground, Goldfish, and Jack Parow to your playlist. KwaZulu-Natal is known for its musical talent, and songs from the Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and the wildly popular hit from Johnny Clegg, Impi, are perfect matches for this area’s history and culture.

Consider Safety First

If you are renting a car in South Africa, it is important to consider the safety of the driver above everything else when creating a playlist. The music should be chosen to suit the energy of the day and to help to maintain the alertness of the driver.

A calming, uplifting track for the morning can help to allay the stress of driving through morning traffic, whereas an upbeat and energetic track for evening driving will help to ensure the driver remains awake while driving. Remember, if you are feeling tired, it is best to stop and rest rather than continue driving on, no matter what music is playing.

Be Flexible And Patient

As much as you plan out your perfect South African road trip playlist, there will be someone who does not enjoy the songs you choose. In this case, you will need to be more flexible and patient. 

Allowing passengers to choose songs will make the road trip more enjoyable for everyone involved. This will also eliminate irritation for the driver, as passengers might request songs to be changed constantly, which can be hugely distracting while driving. If you are using a Bluetooth connection, passengers can easily change the songs themselves using the connected device.

Have Fun

A road trip playlist should not be something taken too seriously. Think of songs that everyone enjoys, perhaps one that brings back fun memories for the family or a song that reminds everyone of a special moment in time. 

Or, you could add some current songs that everyone knows and can sing along to. Your rental car will likely have a radio, which can help playlists get repetitive. When planning a trip to South Africa, start with Star Car Rental – we are sure to have everything you need.